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gas boiler servicingWelcome to plumbers in Dublin the gas boiler servicing experts. You will notice when you acquire your new boiler that the manufacturer will state that your gas boiler needs servicing every year. This is for a few reasons as follows:

  • Efficiency: Having an annual service is like having an N.C.T. on a car. It will make sure that your boiler is in good health and operating at maximum capacity. This in turn will reduce the cost of your heating bills.
  • A annual gas boiler service can extend your boilers lifespan by many years.
  • Saving money on repairs down the line. Your engineer can identify worn parts whilst conducting your annual gas boiler service. Replacing a part that is about to pack up will be far more convenient and cost efficient rather than your boiler packing up completely.
  • Health and safety. Your heating expert will check for both CO2 leaks and water leaks. Both of these can be serious issues. CO2 leaks can cause illness and even fatalities in the worst cases. Water leaks on the other hand can cause structural damage and if the water comes in to contact with electricity this becomes a fire hazard.

Gas boiler servicing and the laws

Legislation in Ireland states that anyone working with gas appliances in every respect whether it be boilers, cookers or heaters that this work must be completed by an R.G.I. (Registered Gas Installer). Plumbers in Dublin only use fully qualified registered gas installers.

At plumbers in Dublin we do gas boiler servicing. Our team provide a complete standard and emergency plumbing service throughout the county. Our plumbing team operate on a 24/7 basis with a totally free call out service covering the whole county. Whether it’s an emergency or not just call 01-2603222. If you need a free quote one of our team will be happy to offer one via the phone or if needed they will pop out to you.

We pride ourselves on our professional customer service, our work is based on our reputation; this is why the customers of Plumbers in Dublin are so important to us. No matter how small or large the job you can be confident that our high quality, reliable service will remain the same.

Whether you require professional gas boiler servicing or any boiler service, maybe repairs or installations, call us on 01-2603222 and to speak to one of our fully qualified R.G.I. experts. They will be happy to  discuss any concerns you may have. Having you gas boiler serviced correctly will give you peace of mind .this will be from a toxic emissions point of view,  it will extend its lifespan and reduce your heating bills.

Gas boiler Service

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